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Afternoons with Katie Wilkins

Professional. Entertaining. Unique.

From extravagant, to cozy and informal Katie has done it all with a smile and outstanding personality and unmatched dedication to excellence.

DJ & Voiceworks

Laughing with you on your ride home from work, with local stories, news, and of course "Dumb-Dumb of the Day" on Mix 106.1.

From serious to laugh out loud, Mermaid Productions takes a relaxed and professional approach to voicing commercials, tutorials, product demonstrations, and on air shifts. With over 20 years of experience in professional broadcasting, Katie Wilkins is a full time mother of two highly active and loving boys. Katie can be found running through the mud whenever a marathon event is in town, and is always on the go ensuring her family comes first with practices, meets, and school events. With all the craziness of everyday life Katie still finds time to continue her passion of creative voice and video works with inspirations from Natalie Morales, Tina Fey, and Seth McFarlane. When Katie and her Husband Marc of 16 years aren't with the kids they can be found rocking out at a concert, or moshing in their living room.